Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kiss new english sms

Kiss new english sms

ღ_ღ_ I want to kiss ur lips I want to play with ur teeth I want to teaste ur tounge Hey ! don,t get angry fren I m toothpaste.........

ღ_ღ_ My eyes Miss U, My Feeling love U, My hand Need U, My Mind Call U, My heart just 4 U. I will Die without U, Bcoz I Love U.

ღ_ღ_ Kiss iz a key of luv love iz lock of marriage marriage iz a box ov children children iz a problem of world. Please stop kissing and save da world.

ღ_ღ_ Nice Kiss is on Head. Sweet Kiss iz on Cheeks. Passionate Kiss iz on Lips. Romantic Kiss iz on Neck nd Seriously Hottest Kiss iz on “IRON”

ღ_ღ_ What is a kiss? In view of Geometry = kiss is the shortest distence between 2 lips!.. Economics = kiss is that thing 4 which DEMAND is always higher than SUPPLY!.... PHYSICS = kiss is the process of caharging a human body!.. Computer = like a LAN, in which 2 bodies r conected without any DATA CABLE!...

ღ_ღ_ Kiss is fly from lips, Lips is wet also kiss, Dont miss a kiss it is a valve of this

ღ_ღ_ People say A blessed KISS is on HEAD A sweet KISS is on CHEEKS A passionate KISS is on LIPS A romantic KISS is on NECK But seriously HOTTEST KISS is on Iron

ღ_ღ_ Kiss me nd u ll see stars …. Luv me nd I ll give them 2 u.

ღ_ღ_ Whats life ? Life iz luv. Whats luv ? Luv iz kissing. Whts kissing ? Com here nd I show u.

ღ_ღ_ Luv iz blind B very kind Whn I kiss u Please don’t mind

ღ_ღ_ Kiss is Heat, But its very sweet, When Two Leapt meet. Love is Complete.

ღ_ღ_ Kiss is the the key of Love, which open the lock of Love, Some Love One some Love Two, but I love one, that is you.

ღ_ღ_ boy: The girl of our neighbors don’t understand English. Father: How do you know? Boy: I said to her “Give Me Sweet Kiss” and she slapped me.

ღ_ღ_ A sweet nd loving person like u needs no SMS. _/(* *)_/ JUST A ”_ _” KISS! ( * ): Muahh!

ღ_ღ_ There r Tulips in my garden. there r Tulips in the park. but nothing iz more be beautiful. than aur 2 lips meeting in the dark!

ღ_ღ_ My luv 4 u grows more with each passing day, The thought of ur gorgeous face takes my breath away: Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness, Those luscious lips I luv 2 kiss.

ღ_ღ_ 1 kiss can be a comma a question mark or an exclamation point This basic spelling that every woman ought to know

ღ_ღ_ Ur smile iz a biggest asset 2 me and I want my asset to increase every day So keep smiling and keep increasing my asset every day

ღ_ღ_ Boy: “What is your biggest fantasy?” Girl : “To be kissed in the rain .. and what about you ?” . . . . . . Boy: “To be the one who is kissing You in the rain . .”

ღ_ღ_ When U miss me just say: C .L . I .C . K C = Can ’t live without u . L = Love U. I = I miss U. C = Care About U. K = Kiss from my Heart to u

ღ_ღ_ Kiss Is The Key Of Love , Love Is The Lock Of Marriage , Marriage Is The Box Of Children , And too many Children means more Problem for the world So Please Stop Kissing and Save the world for a while …

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