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I always think about you. You are not only my best friend but my role model too. I love you, brother. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are the one who seen the truth and pain in my eyes even when I was fooling everyone else. You made my life special. You are my best friend. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

May this valentine fuel our love for each other, you are my best friend and I never want to lose you. I am lucky to have a friend like you!

I’ve never had a friend whom I care for so much to the point of doing anything to make him happy. I am glad to be your friend. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend.

Love and friendship go side by side but the friendship remains forever and Love ends. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest buddy.

My passion goes for two things in my whole life, living life to the fullest and maintaining our friendship. I really hope to enjoy more of you. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy.

I can truly and honestly say you have been a great friend and I love you so much, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Have a great valentine, I love you!

If I could get the kind of support and encouragement I get from you, from my parents, I would be the best student in my school. Thanks so much for everything. Happy Valentine’s Day friend.

My greatest wish for the greatest friend in the history of friendship is to enjoy life and fall in love and feel really loved back. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy. Enjoy it.

You have been my friend for as long as I can remember and I can proudly say I am blessed to be loved by you, have a hearty valentine, I love you!

I will never be able to forget all the time we spent together and all that we shared together. May our lives get better as time goes by. Happy Valentine’s Day friends.

Today is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s only because of you. I love you, and I know that you love me too.

Today even though we’re going to celebrate with our friends as well, it warms my heart to know that the we’ll be thinking of each other the most. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hey, let’s make this Valentine’s Day even better than the last.

Let’s get together right now. Come Over to my house. Valentine’s Day will be Exciting, because I am with you.

I love you like a fish that loves the sea. You give me everything, and I thrive as long as I am with you.

Today is a day where we can let loose and be together the entire day. And honestly, rather than having you spend any more time reading this message, I want to have you in my arms right now instead.

From the moment I saw you I knew I would be doing this, happy Valentine’s Day my frog, I finally turned you into a prince. I love you!

Roses are over-rated, Violets are too, But one thing I never get tired of Is You.

Happy Valentine’s Day my love, I have resisted all things in my life, but it seems you’re irresistible, because you’re my only temptation in every way. Let’s enjoy the day.

I am that secret of your life which you can never hide. But you play with my heart I know well. Happy valentine day.

You are the sun that lights up my days, but also gives me sunburns. Love you to the sun’s heat and back, Happy Valentine’s Day!

You don’t stole my heart, you just hacked my brain. I even forgot my name when I am with you. Happy valentine day, my sweet baby.

They say love is blind, but to me it is not, your love actually opened my eye to all of your faults and yet I still love you. ?? . Happy Valentine’s Day my love. .

Before I met you, I was living my life like nothing else matters to me than friends, but now I’m living like nothing else matters than you. I’ve neglected my friends. Happy Valentine’s Day cutie.

I’ve been thinking so hard to tell you how much I’ve loved you, I wish I was there when they gave birth to you; I’ll just marry you straight away. Happy Valentine’s Day love.

There’s one thing I know, money can’t buy love, but it can buy lots of love ??. I’ll make lots of money and get lots of love from you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Between my heart and my language, there are some rivers and closed passages. I had to clear away through the stony mountains and sandy mountains for a grain of truth for tonight. Barriers break the silence too. Tonight, finally, the words fly. There is no difference. Oh, I love you. Happy Valentine’s.

My Love, I am sending you a wagon of kisses, pulled by the locomotive on the rails of the Love. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me so far, but you know what the problem is? I love you more than I love myself. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Without you, I’m lost. When I look in your eyes, I learn how to love; I have wings to fly into the eternal sky. You give me the feeling of being a prince. Happy Valentine’s.

I do not know why every time I see you my heart becomes warm, I wonder if you’re an angel of happiness. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

If they asked me to choose between my eyes and you, I will choose you because you are my eyes. I love you. Happy Valentine’s My Love.

The star is a lost soul that will never stop twinkling in the sky andwill continue to shine in our hearts.

I love you for so many reasons, stay near me, because you mean everything to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

A man would be nothing without his dreams and my dreams would be nothing without you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s.

You are really pretty, I love everything about you and that is why you are my crush, please be my valentine and I guarantee you a time of you will never forget!

The biggest truth of my life, I am too crazy for you and everyone in my surroundings can notice it except you. Why are you so careless. Anyways happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet baby.

I may not have the cutest face for you but my heart is big enough to love you. Trust me I will love you more than my life. I wish you a wonderful life. Happy Valentines’ Day, my crush.

It’s painful when you love someone truly but you are unable to approach it. You are my first crush and I love you so much. Wish you a fabulous valentine’s day, my baby.

I wish I have a magical wand to turn you to my love, because I found all I need in you and I hope you’ll see that in me also. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.

Since the first day I laid my eyes on you, I have had a really huge crush on you, I was only hoping to make you my valentine today, what do you say?

To me, you are the standard to the proper assessment of beauty in any woman, and I am glad to have been your friend, I hope to become your man one day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I have had sleepless nights trying to think up the best way to say; I have a crush on you, would you please be my valentine?!

Our hearts choose who we love even if our head wants to do otherwise. I follow my heart now, and it says it’s you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. I love you so much.

I think we should get married because I can’t stay without you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You know what baby? I miss you so much. I miss you every night, every day,and each morning I get up not close to you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You have just received a SMS. Press 1 for a drink, Press 2 to a romantic restaurant, Press 3 for a film / a play, Press 4 for your valentine date. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is like a box of chocolates, you always know what you will find, but you must always prove your love to the person you love not just on Valentine’s Day.

On this day of lovers, I want to make you three promises, to always be there for you, to respect you and love you all my life. I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Although it is usually difficult for me to express my feelings towards you, I would like to take this special day to thank you for being the most gentle, most caring and most charming people I have ever met. I enjoy every day spent by your side.

Three rules that are binding on this day of Valentine’s are: a very good restaurant, lounge music and the person you love in front of you. See you this evening to pay tribute to all lovers. I love you.

It’s Valentine’s Day and as I am neither Shakespeare nor Rimbaud, I can tell you one thing today. I love you.

What would I ever do with a strong woman such as yourself by my side? You make me happy, you complete me. Have a great valentine’s baby.

To my wife; happy valentines, this day wouldn’t be celebrated if you weren’t by my side. I love you so much, you are my everything!

Do you remember what I told you the first time I kissed you? I just couldn’t believe myself, I find you so irresistible. I love you, my valentine.

Only you made my world very meaningful, without you, I can’t imagine me going through life alone or with another woman because you are the only one I dream of always. Happy Valentine’s Day love.

Some say they’ll make different choices if they had the chance to go back to pick their life partner. My reply is that, I’ll choose you again and again. Happy Valentine’s Day my life.

To my wife, you are my rock, my breathe and today, I hope, my valentine. I love you so much; you mean the world to me!

Today is a beautiful day and we are going to make it even more beautiful. Get dressed baby. I have big plans for you tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day baby. I love you dearly and I want you to know that I will always be with you.

This is going to be an awesome day baby. I love you my wife and this Valentine’s Day gets to celebrate us both. Are you ready?

You have no idea what you mean to me, my wife. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day my love, you are my wife, my life and the mother of my kids; I am blessed to have you with me.

We have spent so many seconds, minutes and hours together. May we be privileged to have many more to spend together. Happy Valentine’s Day husband.

I love you so much my wife, you are the reason why I am the man I am today. Have a great valentine’s sweetheart. I love you so much!!

You have never lived with me in deceit and I really honor you for that. You are a role model for all men to be out there. Happy Valentine’s Day my husband.

You hold my heart in your hands and I couldn’t feel safer with anyone the way I feel with you. I love you so much my dear husband, happy valentines.

I love you so much it hurts; you don’t know how lucky I feel to have a husband like you. Valentines was surely made for us and I won’t let this moment pass.

Dear husband, you have been the best man I have ever known. And you only surprise me more and more with each passing day. Happy Valentine to my valentine.

I love you baby. I’ll always be here to support you. I’ll be your second mate to running this ship. Trust me baby. I’m yours.

Dear Valentine, my husband, the man of my dreams. I didn’t know life could be so good but when I met you, I know that it could be happy ever after. I love you.

With a humble approach all things will be alright. You say that every time we have problems, and it always works. Happy Valentine’s Day my husband.

Seeing you wake up next to me each and every day reminds me of the first time I fell in love with you my dear husband, and each day I fall in love with you all over again. Happy valentines!

In the history of all men in the world, you have your place in there, because you knew so well how to treat women. Happy Valentine’s Day wonderful husband.

My heart almost stopped when you asked for my hand in marriage. I didn’t and couldn’t believe it was happening. I’m glad I said yes. Happy Valentine my love.

Happy Valentine to my husband. The man that captured my heart and conquered my soul. I love you dearly. Come to me soon as I want to celebrate this awesome day with you.

You are my favorite song, my sweetest morning kiss and the man I chose to share the rest of my life with. Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely husband!

To me you will always be the girl who rules my life, just to hear your voice I feel that my heart beating so hard, I am a slave to your love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

How hard can be as simple as the heart and mind are in sync, I love you not only with the heart, I also do it with the mind. Thanks for being my great love

What I most want in life it is to accept to live together in order to awaken every day beside you and treat you like a queen.

I do not need more tests to find out if your love is what I needed in my life, since we changed my life my girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s My Love.

I made the best choice of my life to put my eyes on you, now I only live for you my queen. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are the bride I love and why I am willing to lose my singleness and freedom I always had before I met you, now I just want to live our love.

Since you became my girlfriend. I see life through the eyes of love, so I am glad that we love so passionately.

I have a very special place reserved in my heart for you and no one can take this place. May this evening of love brings laden of happiness in our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love, my girlfriend.

You are wonderful and satisfy my life with this beautiful feeling, since I saw you I liked you and you caught me between the walls of your heart, you are beautiful and do not know how I adore.

When we’re together I feel that i am prisoner of your love, I’m so happy that my life is in your hands you do not mind feeling that I am not free because I want to continue chained to your heart.

Honey. There are so many things I would love to say to you. So many things I would love to share with you. But for tonight let’s get lost, take my hand, look into my eyes, don’t be afraid to fall for me. For I have already fallen for you.

The best opportunity of my life comes when I met you; I want to be yours forever, Happy Valentine’s Day my heart.

You held me close, never to let go, you became my hero and I was willing to be your victim. I am trapped in the nest of your love, Happy Valentine’s Day.

When we’re not together I feel that the hours pass slowly but when you’re beside me time passes like lightning.

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Every day I spend part of my time thinking about you, I will never stop loving you.

Your eyes are like ice: leave you freeze over being nearby. Happy Valentine’s Day with snow fall.

I know that you came in my way for a reason. Since you’re in my life, everything has changed for the better, Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart.

the good boyfriend is who gives sweetness to his girl life. You are that guy and I’m happy with you.

I do not know how to explain that nice feeling that I feel inside me when I see you; it’s like a bolt of energy that runs through my body.

All love songs remind me of you, Happy Valentine’s my Love.

Let me take this beautiful day to say that my heart belongs to you completely.

make sure that I will be always by your side supporting you. Happy Valentine’s Day my boyfriend.

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