Tuesday, November 13, 2018

happy birthday sms for friend in english birthday wishes to a friend

happy birthday sms for friend in english
birthday wishes to a friend

A Birthday wish in one line for you dear friend, is a compromise. I would lay the world at your feet. Have a great Birthday!

Friends are like the feeling you get when you take a sauna in winter and gulp ice cold lemonade in summer. You rock my life buddy. Happy Birthday.

I applaud you for being my friend and sticking with me all these years. Very few people are able to tolerate me for so long. I love you! Happy Birthday.

God made you with a special purpose ? to be my best friend! Happy Birthday.

I can’t believe how many stupid things we’ve done together and how many Birthdays we’ve celebrated. But this Birthday is special because I suddenly realized how special you are to me. Happy Birthday!

If I had to answer whether you’ve been a good friend to me through the year or not, I’d take a pause, think a bit and cheer out loud that you’ve been the best friend ever. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

If the next year of your life is great then you’d better thank me for it. After all, I’ve made some really cool Birthday wishes for you today! Happy Birthday.

Instead of giving you stupid, whacky gifts like I do every year, this time on your Birthday for a change, I’ve gifted you a prayer. A prayer which will always keep us together. Happy Birthday!

It may be your Birthday today, but I feel like celebrating and telling the whole world to come and join the party. Happy Birthday and have a super year ahead.

May we always eat off each other’s plates, may we always steal each other’s money, may we always call each other names and may we always think about one another every time we’re in a crisis. It’s great to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday.

Life without you is like a winter without a snowman and Christmas without mistletoe! Happy Birthday, dear friend.

More than lots of money, luxuries, materialistic happiness and exciting glamour, I would like to wish you health, peace and stability in your life. I wish to see you truly happy dear friend. Happy Birthday.

The biggest blessing for anyone is the fact that they have a beautiful friend to share their life with. Thanks for making my life beautiful. Happy Birthday.

What do you want as gift for your Birthday today? A bottle of fine wine? A set of cutlery? A branded outfit? Or a box of chocolates? I prefer you select the last option because I don’t think I can afford anything else. Haha! Happy Birthday.

You’ve been an unselfish and an unbiased person in my life who’s always pointed out when I am right or wrong. Don’t change and always be there for me. Happy Birthday.

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