Monday, December 3, 2018

miss you sms for girlfriend boyfirend friends

miss you sms for girlfriend boyfirend friends

Wherever you go, whatever you do, may god’s angels watch over you & I Miss U!

Wen nites r long & frinds r few, i sit by my window & think of u…. A silent whisper a silent tear….with all my heart i wish u were here.

You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back.

U r such a nice person 2 think of, like the way I’m thinking of u now. Missing U.

Ur presence we miss, ur memories we treasure, Loving u always Forgetting u never.

miss you sms for girlfriend boyfirend friends

Sometyms I forget 2 say hi, I forget 2 even reply I’m jst givng u time 2 Miss me.

Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love.

Sometimes, when 1 person is missing, da whole world seems depopulated.

Sometimes I forget 2 say hi, sometimes I forget to reply, sometimes my msg doesn reach u, but it doesn”t mean I forget u. I”m just giving u time to Miss me.

Sometimes the best things in life r worth waiting for. So wait 4 me, I’ll be back.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday ‘I Miss You’ Everyday.

My eyz r hurting coz I can’t see u & my heart is breaking coz I’m not with u.

Lessons of life: Learn 2 care Learn 2 smile Learn 2 luv Learn 2 say: U Miss me!

Last nite I tryd 2 rite u a letter bt I cud only rite

“noh ss!w”

Read it upside down

Is it true? Can it be? Are you the only one for me? Miss you dear.

If one star will fall everytime I miss you… all stars will be out of the sky by now…. so if ever there will be no stars tonight it”s all your fault….. u made me miss you so much!!!!

miss you sms for girlfriend boyfirend friends

Its easy 2 remember d near ones bt very difficult 2 forget d dear ones Missing U.

If u feel tired & pain in legs, its bcz u come & go many tyms in my mind Miss U.

I miss u.. I need u.. More & more.. each day I love u … more thn words can evr say.

I wish I could sleep as I used to, I wish I could dream as I used to. I am spending sleepless nights and lifeless days without you. Missing u

I hv learnt how 2 luv 2 smile 2 b happy. Bt I can’t learn how to stop missing U.

Earth may stop rotating, birds may stop flying. But i never stop missing U!

Do you know that you’re nice, you’re sweet, you’re thought of day n night, you’re special, and you’re kind, but there’s one thing wrong about you,,, you’re not mine!

A simple “HELLO” can be so sweat…

H= How r u? E= Every thing ok L= Like to c u L= love 2 hear from u O=Obviously I Miss u!

so…. HELLO!

miss you sms for girlfriend boyfirend friends

Do u know what I say, what I think all d time. U want to know? I MISS U SO MUCH.

A hug for u means I need U A kiss for u means I luv U A msg for u means I miss U.

6 Billion girls in world but I keep misssing U bcz 5, 999999999 Cant Replace *U*.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W X Y Z oops! I miss “U”

Your absence should be long enough so that somebody misses u, it shouldn’t be so long that somebody finds out that how well he can do without u…!

4getn u is hard 2 do, 4gtn me is up2 u, 4gt me not, 4gt me nvr We’re gr8 2gether.

What makes some people dearest is NOT just the happiness that you feel when you meet them; but it’s the pain you feel when you miss them…

Whenever I miss U, I won’t luk 4 u in my dreams or try to hear ur voice in ur msgs. I’ll just put my right hand across my chest & will feel U!

miss you sms for girlfriend boyfirend friends

What makes some people Dearer? It’s not just the happiness that u feel when u meet them but the pain u feel, when u miss them. Miss U

What makes some people dearer is not just the happiness that u feel when u meet them but the pain u feel when u miss them. Miss U!

There’s no Special reason for this msg, I juz wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life & hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U!

What makes some people dearer is not just the happiness that we feel when we meet them but the emptiness we feel when they are not around us. I Miss U!

U must b tired coz u hv been running through my mind, u gotta b a thief coz u hv stolen my heart n I must hv been a bad shooter coz I keep missing u.

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