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jumma mubarak quotes in english jumma mubarak duas

jumma mubarak quotes in english jumma mubarak duas

“Wo Aj Talak Nawazta Hi Ja Raha haApne Lutf O Karam Se Mujhy…Bus Ek Bar Kaha Tha Me Ne ,Elaahi Mujh Pe Reham Kar Mustafa K Waasty”. Jumma Mubarak

“Agar Tum Mout Ki Raftar Ko Dekh Lete To Tum Zarur UmeedonOr Umangon Say Nafrat Karte Aur Hargiz Magroor Na HoteHazrat Ali (A.S)”. Jumma Mubarak

Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) ny Farmaya:Aadmi Apny Ikhlaq Ki Waja Sy Un LogonKa Martabah Pa leta Hai Jo Raton koIbadat Krty Hain or Din Ko Rozy Rakhty Hain.Jumma Mubarak

Ap (SAW) ne farmaya ‘Dua Ibadat he’phir Ap (SAW) ne ye Ayat (bator-e-daleel) tilawat farmai,‘Or tumharay Rabb ka frman hy k tum Mujh se DUA karo, Maetmhari (DUA) qubool karunga. Beshak jo log MERI IBAADAT setakabbur krte hen, jald hi wo khuaar ho kr Jahannum me dakhilhonge’(surah Momin 40:60) [Jamae Tirmidhi, Hadith: 3247DUA ibadat hy or Ibadat kijiye sirf Allah ki”

Keep in mind…everything a worker…Allah perseveres…each misfortune he encounters.Allah dependably has a…

Today Is Friday.To All Brethren In The Faith Of Abraham,Ghusl Is Recomended,Recite Surat Kahf,Go To Jumat Mosque Early, Keep Mute Throughout The Course Of Khutbah,Supplicate More After Solat Asr.May The Most High Accept your Ibadah.Many Happy Returns Of Jummah.

Life is an adventure from Allah to Allah, so let us make it for Allah. The individuals who bow down to Allah, they can remain before anybody.Jumma Mubarak.

Momin K Liye To Jan-E-Hasti Hay NAMAZ Iman Ki Aghosh Me Basti Hay NAMAZ Milti Nahi Mehshar Me Kisi B Qeemat Par O Zindagi Walon Parh Lo Abhi Sasti Hay Namaz Jumma Mubarak.

Friday Jummah The Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said “whoever hears the call to Friday supplication and he doesn’t come, and he heart it again and does not come, and he hears it again and does not come, at that point Allah will put a seal over his heart and give him the core of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”Jumma Mubarak.

Gunnah Ka Mauqa Na Milna BhiAllah Ki Naimaton Main Say Aik Naimat Hai,Or Moqa Mila Phir B Gunah Se Bache RaheTo Ye Allah Ka Inaam He”. Jumma Mubarak

The petition is an astonishing trade we hand over our stresses to Allah he hands over peace to us.Jumma Mubarak.

O Allah I call you to witness and you are the adequate witness and I call to witness every one of your holy messengers. the occupants of your sky. the bearers of your position of authority. that I give testimony you are Allah: There is no god however You. You Alone.

JiS din tmhara wafadaar dost tum ko chor k chala jaeSamaj lo wo din tumharay liye aadhi qayamat k brabar hai. Jumma Mubarak.

Help me, i pray to get through this day. As this day is the master of all days i don’t even ask to have things my way, your will is okay. Things done in your way are best suited to stay in the master plan, help me to help in any way that i can don’t let me be part of the problems i see, i just want to come and bow in front of you at least this day help me to come every day Amen. Very grateful for the many blessings the lord has given me. I love you lord. Happy Friday.

Today is Friday. To all brethren in the faith of abraham, ghusl is recomended, recite Surah Kahf, go to mosque early, keep mute throughout the course of khutbah, supplicate more after prayer. May the most high accept your ibadah. Many happy returns of Jumma.

Jumma Mubarak signifies ‘favored Friday’ and Friday is viewed as a favored day for Muslims. On this day, Muslims have a congregational petition, as well as tune in to an address and make exceptional supplications to get the most out of Allah’s gifts.Jumma Mubarak.

Being a Muslim is more than just going to the masjid, Allah wants your Attention not just your Attendance. Have a blessedJumma Mubarak.

Is petition an astounding trade?We hand over our stresses 2 Allah?and He hands over peace 2 us..!!! 🙂Jumma Mubarak.

Is petition an astounding trade?
We hand over our stresses 2 Allah?
and He hands over peace 2 us..!!! 🙂
Jumma Mubarak

As salam Alaikum
It is Friday! Do much zikr,
make lots of salat nabiyy.
Read surat kahf,
be in your best dress and say salam to some1 as I just did to U.
Jumat Karim

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